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Scholarship Program Release

Carver University is proud to introduce its new scholarship program designed to support outstanding students in their pursuit of quality education. This program reflects Carver University's commitment to removing financial barriers and ensuring that all students have access to exceptional education.

Carver Scholarship: Your Partner in Academic Success

At Carver University, we believe in the potential of every student and their ability to craft a success story in college. The Carver Scholarship is your partner on this educational journey, providing the necessary financial support for you to focus on your education. Regardless of your financial situation, we are here to help you achieve your academic dreams.

The Carver Scholarship is a non-refundable grant that can cover an impressive 75% of tuition expenses. This scholarship is designed to support new students with a strong academic track record who aspire to reach their full potential at Carver University.

Active Aid: Support for Athletes

Recognizing the unique demands athletes face, Carver University is committed to being a guide on their journey, helping them build a successful future both in sports and academics. At Carver, we believe that every goal, every sprint, and every challenge overcome on the field are life lessons deserving recognition.

The Active Aid program is specifically designed to provide financial support to athletes who aim to balance their sports commitments with a high-quality education at Carver University. This program paves the way for athletes to excel both in their sports discipline and in the classroom.

Carver University is dedicated to fostering the success of its students and providing world-class educational opportunities regardless of the individual challenges they may face.

We invite you to explore our financial aid and scholarship options and find the one that best suits your personal circumstances. At Carver University, studying without worries is a reality.

If you would like more information about these scholarships and other financial support programs, please visit our website or contact our academic counseling team.

September 05, 2023