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Carver University joins the Global Academic Network 

Carver University is pleased to announce its partnership with the Global Academic Network, a collaboration that will further expand our educational opportunities and resources for students worldwide.

This exciting alliance represents a significant milestone in Carver University's ongoing commitment to providing quality education and expanding access to exceptional educational opportunities.

The partnership with the Global Academic Network opens the doors to a world of benefits for our students. Among the most prominent advantages are:

  • Wide Range of Academic Programs: Carver University students will have access to a broader range of academic programs and specialized courses offered by other institutions within the Global Academic Network. This will allow students to further customize their education according to their interests and career goals. 
  • International Exchange: The collaboration will facilitate international student exchanges, providing our students with the opportunity to experience different cultures and educational systems, enriching their global perspective.

  • Advanced Research Resources: Carver University will be able to leverage the advanced research resources available at other institutions within the Global Academic Network, promoting innovation and academic advancement in a variety of fields.
  • Expanded Network: Carver University students will be able to establish broader connections with professionals and peers from other institutions, opening doors to future career opportunities.

Dr. Pinkas Flint, President of Carver University, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, "This partnership with the Global Academic Network represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide exceptional and enriching education to our students. We are eager to see how this partnership will transform the lives of our students and prepare them for a bright future."

Carver University will continue to operate independently and uphold its commitment to academic excellence. The partnership with the Global Academic Network will only further enhance its ability to provide a top-notch educational experience.

This alliance represents an exciting chapter in the history of Carver University and its ongoing pursuit of academic excellence. We look forward to seeing how this collaboration will benefit our students and the broader educational community in the years to come.

December 20, 2023